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Cathie ArquillaGoNOMAD's Travel Writers

There are hundreds of contributors who have written for us since we began publishing in 2000. Here are our most regular and frequent contributors who have each written many stories and travel regularly for us.

Cathie Arquilla
Cathie is a stylist and tastemaker who looks for the finest things in life

Cindy Bigras
Kathleen BroadhurstCindy loves all things Italian and is a sticker for details

Kathleen Broadhurst
Kathleen is a permaculture expert who lives in Boston.

Kate CosmeKate Cosme
Kate is a family travel expert who helps deliver babies when she's not traveling with kids

Mridula Dwivedi
Mridula is one of India's top travel bloggers. 

Margie Goldsmith
Max HartshorneMargie had visited more then 200 countries and has a video production company in New York City.

Max Hartshorne
Max is the guy who runs GoNOMAD and chooses which stories to publish.

Stephen Hartshorne

Steve loves reading old books he finds at flea markets and rummage sales.
Shady Hartshorne

Shady Hartshorne

Shady is a video editor who travels with his wife Laurie, he doesn't get to travel as much as he'd like.

Herb Hiller
Herb writes about authentic and out of the way places in the United States.

Tim LeffelTim Leffel
Tim publishes several websites and writes about the world's cheapest destinations.

Cindy Lou Dale
Cindy test's out high powered sports cars and lives in England.

Susan McKee
Susan has a backround in art history and sees quite a bit of the world

Steffi Porter
Steffi is a student at UMass.

Daniel Peltier
Dan graduated from UMass in 2014 and is now working in NYC.

Inka Piegsa-QuischotteInka Piegsa-Quischotte
Inka is the glamour Granny who lives in Spain and goes everywhere 

Elle Rahilly
Elle works in fashion in New York City.

David RichDavid Rich
David is the most traveled person of our writers, he's lived and visited 100s of countries

Peter Sacco
Peter lives in Guatemala and is an athelete and adventurer.
Habeeb Salloum
Habeeb Salloum
Habeeb has been a travel writer longer than anyone else on this page

Esha Sampajpati
Shelley SealeEsha was born in India and used to work in advertising, now she has a son

Shelley Seale
Shelley has made a career out of traveling for free and giving back

Paul ShoulPaul Shoul
Paul is a photographer extraordinaire and has the most fun of all of our travelers

Jean Spoljaric
Jean is always ready for a party and is a strong defender of animal-rights
Kent St. John

Kent St. John

Sonja Stark
These are our favorite travel writers. If you'd like to become one of them, click the image to read our writer's guidelines!These are our favorite travel writers. If you'd like to become one of them, click the image to read our writer's guidelines!
Sony is a former TV station camera operator who now owns her own video production company

Janis TurkJanis Turk
Janis finds beauty in the world and loves nothing more than travel

Helena Wahlstrom
Helena, the Northern Traveler, is from Finland 

Kelly WesthoffKelly Westhoff

Kelly traveled around the world with her husband Quang and now has a family

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