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Sometimes the best way to go off the beaten path is with an
experienced guide.

At GoNOMAD, we know that tour operators and local outfitters often know the secrets of their destinations better than we do.  Whether you want to take a safari in Africa, dive the Maldives, hike the Grand Canyon, barge the canals of France or visit the Hill Tribes of Thailand, join GoNOMAD TOUR GUIDES, and discover a whole new way to travel.

For more options, find sustainable and responsible tours throughout the world. We find the most off beat and unusual tours you can think of and profile them on these pages. We're not looking for the same old same old, hang-out-on-the-beach tours, no, we want to actively engage you and stretch the mind and spirit by discovery! 

You can find the most diverse and different tours by clicking on the stories below. 

Articles about Unique Tours on 

The Philippines: Exploration of Palawan
Siberia: A Winter Escapade
England: A Luxury Stay in Agatha's House
Tour the Tribes of North East India
Let's Play a Game of Thrones
Antarctica: A Sensory Overload!
Veg Voyages Adventures: No Meat Needed
Croatia: A Games of Thrones Tour
An Unexpectedly Luxurious Arctic Expedition
Walks of Italy tours
Israel: Bringing People Together
India: A Cobra Tour
Colorado Marijuana Tours
Uganda: Fishing the World's Longest River
Suriname and French Guiana: Where Few Have Traveled
A Downton Abbey Tour in London
Tours: Adventure, Unusual, and Cultural Tours |
Borneo: Wildlife Lover's Paradise
Adventures for 20 to 30 year olds in Africa.
England: Walking the Bronte Trail
Bison and Beer in The Old West
Many Ways to See Rome: Walking, Biking, Vespa, Bus and Boat
Visiting the Untouchables of India
Choosing the Best Local Tour Operator
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Visiting the Untouchables of India
Costa Rica Escape -- on Horseback
Tailored Tours: A Handy Way to See New York City
Travel at Ground Level: Overland Touring through Nepal, India and Pakistan
Adventure & Cultural Tours
Learning from the Dalai Lama: Attending The Sacred Kalachakra Initiation
Rajasthan Romping:A Camel Safari in the Thar Desert
Culinary and Wine Tours Around the World
East African Safaris: A Unique Family Experience
From Eco-Tours to FITs: The ABCs of Tour Types: GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE
The Spirit of Oahu: Touring Ancient Hawaii Today
Waterfalls, Salsa, Pub-Crawls and Dog Sledding: Top Picks for Island Touring
Top Picks for Touring In Europe
GoNOMAD--Cultural Travel Tours
GoNOMAD--The South Pacific Growing in Popularity as a Travel Destination
Bicycle Tours around the World
Tour Guide Talk--The Strangest Food I ever Ate-- GoNOMAD
Context Tours: Walking Tours for the Intellectually Curious
Favela Tours Offer a Glimpse of the Slums
Culinary Tours Around the World
Cruising the Red Sea: Nose Jobs, Temples, and Ancient Egyptian Treasures
Visiting the Untouchables of India
Venezuela: First Stop on Sony's World Tour
Expedition Cruises: Going Where the Big Ships Cannot Go
Top Africa Touring Picks
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Costa Rica Tour Combines Recreation With Conservation and Education
Sony Visits China: Cha-Ching, Feng Shui and Man Mo
Visit the North Pole Aboard a Russian Icebreaker
Mauritius: Sony's Secret Island Paradise
Myanmar: Friendly, But Not Free
Sail Away from the Crowds In Southeast Asia
Finding and Choosing the Perfect Tour
Touring the Real Panama: Wildlife, Beaches and Tribal Villages
Three Southeast Asian Tours You Can Do on Your Own
Cafe Society: Vietnam's Traveler Cafes Offer More Than Coffee
Brazil: Piranha Fishing on the Amazon River
Sony Visits Vietnam: Echoes of War in a Land of Peace
Into a Still Country: On Safari in Namibia
Salvador, Brazil: Second Port of Call
Sailing the Historic Northwest Passage in a Polar-Class Icebreaker
South Africa: My Favorite Country So Far
Antarctica For All Ages: The Trip of a Lifetime
In-Line Skating Tours in Pennsylvania Amish Country - GoNOMAD
Egypt's Sinai Safaris, Diving and Driving - GoNOMAD
Drinking the Kava: A Visit to the Real Fiji
Going Dutch: A New Dimension in Travel
Getting Down in Utila: Do-It-Yourself Diving in Honduras
Costa Rica Escape -- on Horseback
GoNOMAD-Leaving the Backyard Behind - Tours for the Nature Friendly
Choosing an Eco-Tour: GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE
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Orcas of the Western Atlantic
Staying Healthy on Tour - GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE
Adventure Tours in Mexico and Central America
Local Nature: Locally Guided Nature Tours in Honduras
Drive Away Across the U.S.A. - GoNOMAD Mini Guide
Diving Utila: Do-It-Yourself Diving in Honduras
Hidden Treasures of the Veneto

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